2:18 AM Musings…

So I drive home tonight after indulging in Margs with a couple of friends. I had a fantasy/reality moment of what would happen.

Fantasy: play games, get drunk, hit on the guy I want to have sex with, get some light touching in, more flirting, cuddle, pass out.

I’d have sex with him eventually, I just need to build that bridge.

Reality: play games, get slightly drunk, eat pizza, stare at the guy I like, drove home, eat chicken nuggets and popcorn.

I’m currently watching West Wing. It’s cute and funny for now.

I feel stupid because we played games that made us tell stories and, well, I have a lot of stories. I’m afraid I turned him off. :-(. I just want a short fling with sex. Wow. Ugh.

Sunday Jun 6 @ 02:23am
Day 2! Got to go hiking with my frienterns today! It was so much fun! I loved the experience but I never want to go hiking up a trail again haha :-)

Day 2! Got to go hiking with my frienterns today! It was so much fun! I loved the experience but I never want to go hiking up a trail again haha :-)

Sunday Jun 6 @ 12:16am
I need to start thinking of themes for this blog… Friday Jun 6 @ 11:13pm
Friday, June 27th, 2014

A day in review?

Woke up way too early.

Made a pretty cool blog.

Went to twerk-werk.

Tried to flirt (and failed at it, too.)

Made a new friend.

Went shopping.

Ate fat food.

And now here I am.

I know, don’t tell me: I had such a fun and exciting day. I would like to say that I did finish House of Cards, Season 2 today! So that is pretty exciting! My goal was to finish the season in a whole week. That’s like two episodes a day, which shouldn’t seem like a lot of time. But let me give you my usual day…

7:00 Wake up, get ready

8:15 Get ready to leave for work

8:30 Leave for work

8:50 Arrive at work

9:00 Start work

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Resume work

5:00 End work

5:30 Arrive home

6:00 eat

6:30 Work on job #2 or #3 (Social Media Assistant and Contributing Writer for a Blog)

8:30 Shower

9:00 Get into bed

9:15 Start show if not too tired

10:30 Everything off, pass out.

See? So little time. And it sucks. But I managed to do extra work on one of the days and just binge watch House of Cards!


Friday Jun 6 @ 11:13pm


Hello, tumblrbot!

I love to shop whenever I am in a bad mood! Or do my nails :-)!

Friday Jun 6 @ 04:57pm
Day 1! Happy me selfie :-)

Day 1! Happy me selfie :-)

Friday Jun 6 @ 04:25pm
June 27, 2014: 7AM Musings

So, I’ve been up for the past two hours, trying to perfect this blog.

I’ve done nothing quite terribly productive except attempt to whiten my teeth. I think I ingested some of the gel because my stomach feels a bit unsettled, but I am sure that will pass.

My roommate at my home stay usually wakes up at 5 am to go to the gym before she works (somebody remind me to start working out too…), but on Fridays she does not work. On a common Friday, her alarm goes off, but I will not wake up.

Due to unfortunate events that happened yesterday, I ended up going to sleep earlier than usual, therefore making me wake up earlier than usual.

But, I am an optimistic person. I woke up at 5. Took a shower, washed my hair, shaved, and created this blog. This blog is the love child of a productive Elodie, so I will cherish this blog.

I’ve had many blogs in the past, but I have always created them because I was bored. When the boredom passed, so did the blog (RIP.)

But this blog has purpose:

  • Communication: I love to write freely. I used to draft up short stories because I wanted to communicate a problem. I’d write, get over it, and trash it. I want to have something a bit more permanent.
  • Honesty: Making me confront myself by being real. I will get in touch with my feelings so that I can become a better me, for the sake of me.

If you’re choosing to follow me on this journey, be forewarned: you’re in for a wild ride. Kidding. It is a lot of plains, kind of deserted too, but then sometimes I surprise myself with a bit of an action/adventure sequence.

Enjoy. Don’t enjoy. Truthfully, could care less. 


Friday Jun 6 @ 07:08am
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